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Is it possible to miss someone you share your life and house (ok small cluttered beachside flat) with? The answer my friends is yes, quite unequivocally YES!

Throughout our pregnancy we were told that *ahem* ‘physical activities’ really should be restricted till at the earliest 16 weeks and given our history of miscarriages we were never going to argue with such advice. Hell if you’d have told me burning my favourite surfboards would have helped I’d have done it without a second thought. We did as we were told and kept to that same mantra where the only thing that mattered was R’s ever growing belly. When she complained of aching hips during conversation one evening I ordered the mother of all pregnancy pillows. This thing is shaped like a giant ‘U’ and must be at least four feet high but for around five months (it felt like a year) it shared our bed. That in itself doesn’t sound much and let’s be honest I wager not many pregnant couples in our situation are still leaping around every night…there was however something missing, touch.

Next time you turn over and kick your other halves annoying, hairy, stubbly, smooth or just plain familiar leg make the most of it. For that time the nocturnal leg knocking was gone, the sleepy spooning cuddles whilst half asleep were out of the window as our bed was ruled by ‘the pregnancy willop’! Please forgive me if I sound harsh to what was just a pillow bought from necessity but I began to resent it, after all the damn thing had more bed than me and once you added our decrepit tabby cat I was left sleeping on something around the size of a postage stamp (think penny black rather than parcel post)

Since the arrival of N everything has (of course) changed and our priorities are different with our sleepsuit clad boy always front of the queue for attention and love. Just a smile from his perfect mouth is enough to bring a tear to this silly old fart’s eye, he’s made me feel refreshed, revitalised and almost as if R and I have started our lives together from scratch and in doing so there lies the ‘problem’.

I miss ‘us’…I know that in time things will settle down and I’m not for one second complaining about our lot but I miss my girl. I miss the carefree cuddles and the drunken Saturday nights with far too much wine and a cheesy American blockbuster movie. I miss clambering (generally unwanted) into her bath, I miss annoying the hell out of her whilst she’s cooking I miss kissing…as in really kissing.

So in summary the answer to my earlier question has been confirmed you can miss someone you’re so close to. You can miss someone you share your domestic life with. You can even miss someone you share a bed with but don’t despair because just like spring follows winter they’ll return and you’ll forget those dark nights and cold mornings and rejoice in the dawning of a new day.