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I was told on the build up to the arrival of N that taking your baby home and getting used to a new person sharing your space was a ‘special time’. I was also told (on many occasions) that ‘life would never be the same again’…no shit Sherlock was my usual if unspoken retort to such great insight. I’m happy to say though that these soothsayers were correct, life changed immediately and those first two weeks were indeed ‘special’.

Those of you who know me from twitter or even in the ‘real’ world (yeah right) will be aware that I surf. When I say I surf I mean it in the loosest possible terms, think more the inflatable crocodile made famous by Moneysupermarket rather than Kelly Slater but whatever my style I do it often and in almost all conditions whenever time allows. In the summer months this isn’t an issue, if I’m home and there’s waves it’s standard for me too rush in from the office and change to spend the last hours of daylight watching the sunset from somewhere offshore clad in neoprene. Like I said the style may be lacking but the good it does me in terms of fitness and more importantly mood are marked so with the new arrival at home and two weeks off work what else was I going to do?

I was told by friends and colleagues I wouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to go surfing and that I’d have to stay at home and be the dutiful Father 24/7. I was even told I’d have to sell my boards by some of my more evil ‘friends’ with a vicious glint in their eyes. I’m happy to report that wasn’t the case and R again proved why she’s the girl for me. Don’t get me wrong I always asked if she minded me going and made sure she was fed and watered first but I surfed for around eight days of the eleven I was away from the grindstone. This might seem selfish to some but to me I was celebrating the birth of my son the only way I know how, I didn’t get drunk or smoke a fat cigar I paddled out on my board and thanked whoever or whatever ‘it’ is that brings life and eventually death to us all. To the glassy rolling waves beneath my feet and the tumbling clouds above to the steady beating heart of my son safe in the arms of his Mother, I said a silent thank you and smiled at the skies above.